Cute,Tiny Tooth Brochure

Last night i found this “cute, tiny little things” (Tooth Brochure from one of famous toothpaste product in Indonesia :D) at the dental office where i worked.  I don’t know obviously who was put it, but i think this cute tiny tooth brochure will give a big help to do some Dental Health Education in […]

Seminar “Oxygene” (Improve Oral Hygiene With Oxygene, Clinical Research Update)

Hari selasa kemarin kampus saya kedatangan seorang Doktor berkewarganegaraan India :D. yaitu Dr Rajiv Saini Ph.D.(A.M.), MDS, BDS, P.D.C.R., P.D.G.H.H.M. (wooofff panjang banget gelarnya untung gak ada tambahan gelar Inspektur didepannya) :D. Dr Rajiiiiv (begitu panggilan akrabnya, *sotoy haha) tersebut datang untuk menjadi pembicara dalam seminar yang berjudul Improved Oral Hygiene With Oxygene.  Oxygene ini […]

How To Maintain Your Oral Health During Orthodontics Treatment

           One of main goal of orthodontics treatment is make a good estetics for your teeth esp when your smiling,, :D.  I think everyone must be desired to have a beautiful smile esp who is dealing with entertainment, public, or doctor field itself.        Anyway when this braces (orthodontic tool) attached to your […]