The Best “Let It Go” -Disney Frozen- Cover

Hello June, let’s start with a simple and easy going post 😀

Anyway.. one of my hobby is simply covering my favorite song.  It’s closely connected with my ambition becomes a Super Diva *like celine, mariah or whitney* LOL.  I often search and watch on youtube about their amazing live performance or their song cover version.  For me all of them have a great, strong character, and tough song also, not everyone can sing as well as them even a singer who had enough experience in music industry.  One for the example: 

All By Myself by Celine Dion ” A very high and loooong notes inside this song, only Celine  or maybe Charice version can kill that high notes” :D.  All by myself, don’t wannabe all by myself ANYMOREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  😀 *don’t ever try to sing this part without the right technique vocal, you’ll lose your voice sooner or laterr!!! lol

Moreover, i love to listen or cover disney soundtrack song *almost all of them :D*, and recently i was trying to find the best  Disney Frozen Soundtrack (Let It Go) cover on youtube.  Andddd this is it… I think this is the best cover of Let It Go from Frozen movie.. hahahaahaha

“1.45 and 1.56: Zoe sing while sleepy???”

“0.54 watch out not to hurt your ear lol”

“See Zoe expression on 2.10”

“Zoe stomach was hurt in the end of video lol”

“They both are very veryy cute, hope can have a cute child like them lol”

“I bet they will be a good singer sooner or later..:D”

“The fact is i never stop laughing when i see and listen to this video, i addicted to this..LOL”


I’m never going back, The past is in the past

The cold never bothered me anyway!

Let it go….


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