The Art of Food Photography

All living creatures in this world assuredly needs food to stay alive.  Food can give nutrition that very important to growth and development,  likewise it also converted as energy to propel our body.  Unfortunately, not all the food have a good nutrition for our body, some of them can give bad impact to our body, so it’s important to us to choose  “Healthy Food” with adequate nutrition (neither too lack nor too excessive).

Over the times food as defined as anything serving for consumption or use  has rapid development in food industry.  It’s developed on types,presentations, and cooking methods.  Nowadays, many course in this field have become trend in our society especially about the art of food photography.  Basicly, in art of food photography you must capture color, texture, pattern, line, shape, and form of the food properly and it’s requires skill and knowledge which should be studied carefully.  There are aspect that you must concern if you want to capture a good or beautiful food image some of them are: cropping, propping, camera angle, focus, and lighting.

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or you can see how the professional in art of food photography works in this video 😀

Not far about this topic I, myself,  have a friend *fine fellow* who is love anything related to food so much.  For her food is something very important to gain healthy body.  The term food there of course the healthy, rich nutrient, and of course very yummy delicious food.  Salmon, egg, and fresh vegetables is her favorite food and based on her acknowledgement the best restaurant in this world is her home “My mother and my grandmother dishes is my favorite ever, healthy and delicious :D”.  Her passion about  food has obviously seen  in her Instagram.. :D.  Even though she’s not an expert in culinary esp the art of food photography, but she has such a talent to capture and execute a lovely food image.  It’s make the food looks more delicious (make my stomach rumble or drop my slobber :D), striking and lovely (Somehow i don’t have a heart to eat some of them lol).  Let’s peek into her instagram 😀

Food Traveller (Risely Sutarsa)

Food Traveller (Risely Sutarsa)



Very cute isn’t it?



Looks yummy!!!



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My Favorite









Risely Sutarsa

 All of healthy food is the best food to eat


Follow her TwItter or Instagram here


Hmm, all of them looks yummy.. what do you think? 😀




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