Cute,Tiny Tooth Brochure

Last night i found this “cute, tiny little things” (Tooth Brochure from one of famous toothpaste product in Indonesia :D) at the dental office where i worked.  I don’t know obviously who was put it, but i think this cute tiny tooth brochure will give a big help to do some Dental Health Education in a simple but effective way to my patients.  I think with this cute, tiny little things people will learn basically about dental caries, and understand about causative agent that play the main role in biological process of dental caries in easy way.  Furthermore, the main objective surely to make people aware about the importance of oral health in their life and inspire them to maintain their own oral health independently ^^.

This is it!! cute, tiny tooth brochure  with several color 😀 (pink my perfect

Cute Tiny

Info 1:  Dental Plaque Can Caused Dental CariesInfo 1

Acid + Sugar (from your food) + Specific Bacteria (from dental plaque) = Acidic Product

Acidic Product form by specific bacteria caused tooth enamel dissolved and

it’s  known as “Dental Caries”.

Info 2:  The Basic Development Process of Dental Caries Info 2

Cavity in tooth email :  painless / no symptoms

Cavity in tooth dentin: increase  sensitivity to (cold, acid, hot, sweet, etc)

Cavity reach the pulp (nerve region of your tooth): moderate until severe pain can cause you can’t sleep or eat comfortably

Infection become more severe and spread to root even periapical or adjacent region:  tooth abscess, swelling, death of your tooth, more and more you ignore it, in the end extraction is the best decision for your tooth.

Info 3:  Flouride Can Prevent Dental CariesInfo 3

Fluoride strengthens tooth structure (through specific chemical reactions) so it can more resistant to acidic condition (low pH). Naturally you can get flouride from various kind of food esp sea food

More about flouride see this link

Info 4:  Brush Your Teeth In The Right WayInfo 4

1. Use a toothpaste with flouride adequately

2. Preferably use soft tooth brush

3. For detail movements please check  the picture on the right ..:D

and you can check my previous post too lol

Info 5:  Do You Want To Have A Strong And Healthy Tooth? Info 5

Of course YES!!.. It’s simple and so easy, just follow this step.

1.  Brush your tooth.. min twice of a day

2.  Use toothpaste with flouride

3.  Notice your daily diet, take more attention how much you eat               snack,sweet/ acid food.  I will discuss about healthy diet for your       tooth  later 😀

4. Visit your dentist min once in the six month

I hope this info can be useful to readers, any question, discussion or additional information is so welcome.

Repeat from my previous and my fav quote 😀

“Because I’ll have you know, Sancho, that a mouth without teeth is like a mill without its stone, and you must value a tooth more than a diamond.” – Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote Endodontics by Ingle & Backland Fifth Edition


7 thoughts on “Cute,Tiny Tooth Brochure

  1. I think , with ur creativity and your wild imagination *ups , you can make more cute brochure. Try it ! Maybe some pop art brochure that can attrack young people. Try try try !


  2. Those are cute brochures. They look like something that might be handed out at school. In elementary schools here in America, they do a whole unit on oral care in health class. Usually a dentist comes in and hands out toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss with some dental hygiene info.


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