How To Maintain Your Oral Health During Orthodontics Treatment

           One of main goal of orthodontics treatment is make a good estetics for your teeth esp when your smiling,, :D.  I think everyone must be desired to have a beautiful smile esp who is dealing with entertainment, public, or doctor field itself.

       Anyway when this braces (orthodontic tool) attached to your teeth, there is one challenge that must be faced.  That is to maintain your oral health to keep healthy.   The prescense of braces make more difficult to clean your teeth esp after eat any food.  Food debris can easily attached to the braces, make food retention (tucked food), and if its doesn’t well cleaned will caused plaque formation.  Plaque formation is initial phase that can caused gum disease, tooth caries, or halitosis (bad breath).  So when you use braches please more aware about your oral health and here some info about how to clean your teeth or braces *of course with specific brush for ortho, or custom care (interdental brush & orthodontic wax).

         a.  First of all, according to my personal experience *using this thing,, lol*  Please drink more water everyday (min 2.5 liters).  It can help to keep your mouth not dry, esp your lips. When your mouth on dry condition it make more risk for braces to hurt your oral mucosa *lips, cheek,etc* and usually canker sore (sariawan) will appear.

      b. Using dental brush for orthodontic *soft, could get in around braches* .  This is the one i have.. 😀

Traveller Pack Orthodontic Brush

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               c.  Custom Care (Interdental Brush & Orthodontic Wax)

Interdental Brush 😀

For difficult access you can bend your interdental brush, so it can get through your interdental easily.

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Orthodontic Wax 😀

It can help attached to your braches *if you feel it sharp* and diminish irritation for your oral mucosa.

Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic Wax

            d.  PLEASE DON’T FORGET to do regular check up (Ortho Control) and do whatever your dentist instruct you for *be a nice patient to your dentist* so the treatment will be going well and faster to reach treatment goal.

For the last quote…:D

Keep your smile stay beautiful and healthy

I think my orthodontic treatment *not Beautiful yet, but at least stay Healthy.. :D
I think my orthodontic treatment *not Beautiful yet, but at least stay Healthy*.. 😀

8 thoughts on “How To Maintain Your Oral Health During Orthodontics Treatment

  1. Primeir, gigi gua ngga berantakan, tapi setelah wisdom teeth kiri atas sama kanan bawah dicabut jadi agak bergeser, ada solusi selain braces ngga? Kaya retainer gitu bisa efektif ngga?


    • kin kalau retainer itu kerjanya pasif, dan sesuai namanya “Retain” berarti fungsinya utk mempertahankan/memelihara. Jadi intinya kalau mahu memperbaiki harus pakai alat yg kerjanya aktif yaitu braches,,:D


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