Grand Wedding Expo 2014 Jakarta

      Grand Wedding Expo 2014 Jakarta was organized by Reed Panorama Exhibitions (RPE).  This event was created for *esp* brides and grooms who want to create romantic wedding party *or to make their *dream w/ their unique concept* wedding party come true. Haha *wink-wink*

       Moreover,  this is the right place for every wedding vendor to meet and get closer to brides and grooms, to cooperate between vendors and share information. See the complete information here.,

     That day i just came to my campus to bring  (fried banana *this is special fried banana*) to my friends,, *is it a important reason*?  lol.  I think “yes it is”, because i must keep my promise to them.  “10 am and i still have ± 5 hours until my working time T__T & suddenly my best friend told me that today she will go to Grand Wedding Expo at Jakarta Conventional Centre, so i said to her pleasee count me in “.  haha #random

     Just like written above, this event created for esp brides and grooms, bla bla bla.. but obviously everyone (single,double,triple or widower) and come just to look around can join this event. People who’s stanby at the counter won’t ask anything about your purpose or your stats ,, lol.   You just come to them and pay for IDR 20.000 and they will give you brochure, ticket, caffein coupon IDR 10.000, including 2 coupon for free souvenir and photoboot *Not bad, Lumayan, haha*.

     Inside, i was not too surprised because this is my sec time to come to event like this.  It was 3 years ago “it more crowded than now”, but i thought maybe because it was friday and still the first day of this event.  We enjoyed to look around esp Cici Emmy sagita and Cici Anna Lestari.  Both of them looks soo excited and they do not hesitate to stop by at 1 vendor stand to another and ask anything about their packet price for wedding party, souvenir, pre wedding photoz & etc *So expensivee thing, range.. million – … billion haha*, meanwhile me *busy taking pic and more interested to look cute or pink objects around* and Pradita only said *i’m hungry, lol*

So……. here some pics taken by me.  I do not bring my pocket camera so i used my handphone. 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think every couple esp the bride in this world have a dream to make a beautiful  and never forgotten party for their wedding because this is a special moment and *hope* once in a lifetime.

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border The End


9 thoughts on “Grand Wedding Expo 2014 Jakarta

  1. Thats awesome , prims.. Envy that I never went to wedding expo huhuhuhuhuu.
    Hmm saran aja sih. Harusnya lo sebutin range harga dan mana yg lo rekomendasi krna lucuu mnrt lo.


  2. My daughter-in-law went to a few Bridal Expos as she planned her wedding and entered every drawing there was. She won a couple of things, but probably spent more on other items that she wouldn’t normally have thought of. Still, she loved it and enjoyed getting caught up in all the excitement that goes along with planning for the Big Day. 🙂


    • Wow congratulations for your sister, hope everything about her big day goes perfect and run as she desired .. :D. Anyway whether to plan about big day or not girls always having fun to come to the place like this ^^ 😀


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